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SSA Competitive Information Meeting 2024

For any player/family that was not able to make it to SSA's Competitive Information Meeting, check out the SSA Presentation Below.

All players must turn in the following items before the start of the season or their player pass will be held:

1. $350 Volunteer Check (a second collection date will be held closer to the start of the season)
2. Medical Form
3. Code of Conduct Form

Medical Forms & Code of Conduct Forms can be found below. 

Competitive Soccer goals and expectations

Program Goals
• Develop players in all phases of the game
• Provide a positive playing environment for players to grow
• Foster an enjoyment and passion for the “beautiful game”

Program Expectations
• Soccer is your primary sporting activity from April to July
• Communicate to coaches and managers
• Be on time to scheduled events

Frequently Asked Questions About U8-U10 Soccer

Why the Competitive Program over the Rec. Program?Recreational soccer is an in-house program where the focus is to encourage participation and introduce players to the excitement soccer provides. The Competitive Program competes against other MYSA or TCSL Member Clubs at various playing levels. The focus of the Competitive Program is to develop players to reach their highest playing potential. Both programs look to foster an enjoyment and passion for the sport.      

How is the Competitive Program Organized?
We organize teams by age, gender, skill and commitment level. Our goal is to provide every player a place to play where they are challenged at the appropriate level. Currently we offer 9U through 19U teams for both boys and girls at all skill and experience levels. 
How many teams do you form in an age group?
The number of players registered dictates the number of teams offered in an age group. Shakopee Soccer tries to accommodate all registered players if we are able to meet minimum roster needs. 
What is the commitment?
Shakopee is typically placed in the South, Southwest or West MYSA region with half the games played in Shakopee and the other half played in other nearby communities. 9U and 10U teams play in the TCSL, playing only other teams inside the Twin Cities metro area. The MYSA and TCSL assign teams to regions. Game schedules generally come out in April, with games starting in May. 
What size field and ball is used?

Age Group: 9U & 10U
Games: 7v7
Size Field: 40x50 yards
Ball Size: 4

Age Group: 11U & 12U
Games: 9v9
Size Field: 60x70 yards
Ball Size: 4

Age Group: 13U and up
Games: 11v11
Size Field: 70x120 yards
Ball Size: 5

Where are practices and home games played?
Home games and practices are held at the 17th Avenue Sports Complex. Our supplemental sites are the high school and junior high. 
What are the different competitive levels for SSA’s Competitive Program?
There are multiple levels of competition for 9U-19U players in each of the two leagues. Each level is determined by the level of skill and competition, along with results from previous seasons.

How does a team decide which level of competition is appropriate?
The level is determined by the Director of Coaching along with the evaluation committee and the team coach. The goal is to place teams at a level that is appropriate for proper player development. 

What if my child is unable to attend tryouts?
Register your child for the season and contact the Director of Coaching. Attendance at tryouts is important but we are willing to work with families who communicate conflicts ahead of time. If your child does not attend tryouts, team placement will be determined from the previous year’s performance. If your child did not play with SSA previously, arrangements will be made to have your child evaluated. Roster spots will not be held for players who do not register and communicate with SSA before evaluations/tryouts.     

Who will be coaching my child’s team?
Shakopee Soccer believes high quality coaching is important at all skill levels and ages. The first preference is that every team has a paid, trained and licensed coach - those coaches may be assisted by a trained parent volunteer.  
What else does SSA provide for player development?
In addition to Winter Training that is included with your registration, our Winter Futsal Program is another program highly encouraged. This program is staffed by top flight trainers and is scheduled on the weekends. Throughout the summer, SSA offers camps and free street soccer. SSA members receive discounted prices for these additional programs. Further information on each program can be found online.     

SSA’s Juggling Club

SSA is pleased to provide a recognition program for our players in their efforts to become proficient jugglers.

If a player can master the ability to control the ball in the air, their touch on the ball during practices and games will be greatly improved.  Work on taking your game to the next level, start juggling and master your control with the ball.

Age Group Juggling Goals
U9 & U10 Players:
Red Level: 10, Green Level: 15, Blue Level: 25, Orange Level: 50
U11 & U12 Players:
Green Level: 15, Blue Level: 25, Orange Level: 50, Purple Level: 75
U13 & U14 Players:
Blue Level: 25, Orange Level: 50, Purple Level: 75, Gold Level: 100
U15-U19 Players:
Feet Only: Blue Level: 25, Orange Level: 50, Purple Level: 75, Gold Level: 100

Players are encouraged to juggle at home, before practice, and during water breaks.  A coach must verify juggling achievements.  When a new level is met, have your child’s coach or manager email Club Administrator Amy Black.   Please let Amy know who the juggle tag is for and what level they have achieved.  Also, do not forget to arrange a time to pick it up or have it dropped off at the complex.