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Quarantine Challenge

By Heidi Lindahl, 03/19/20, 10:30AM CDT


Quarantine Challenge - Updates

  • Fill out the form to log your touches.  You can do this on a daily basis if you choose.
  • Every Monday we'll update the leaderboard that will be on the SSA Website.
  • To earn the bag tag, you must get 5,000 touches by May 1st.
  • Whoever has the greatest amount of touches will win a SSA t-shirt. 
  • SSA will post training ideas online throughout the contest to help get touches.
  • We want to see you practice, so post videos to our facebook page, or tag us in your instagram posts.
  • We will be doing weekly giveaways for all those that participate.
  • The top 25 people will be put into a drawing to win a pair of AirPods.
  • The team with the most touches from April 12th - April 18th will win $100 towards a pizza party.

Click here for the form to log your touches!

A Special Message From Rec Coaching Director - Doyle Voss

Doyle Voss, Rec Coaching Director, has put together a special message for all the recreational players.

Training Outlines

Training Videos from Greg Wheaton

A Special Message From SSA's Girls Director - Coach Jesus Camacho Ruiz

Jesus Camacho Ruiz wanted to send the members of SSA a special message and challenge Sam Mann to a friendly competition.

TEAM Challenge

This is a team competition, so you must have a minimum of 4 players from your team participate for your touches to count towards the pizza party award.  We will be verifying the number of team members.  Your touches for the pizza party challenge must be logged between 4/12 - 4/18 at 10:00 PM.  The winning team will be announced on Monday 4/20.

touches as of 4/14


Team # of Touches
14U Girls C1 111,868
12U Girls Regional 83,060
11U Boys Regional 67,980
15U Girls Premier 2 53,977
10U Boys White 41,400
11U Boys Cities 2 18,871
10U Girls White 16,739
13U Boys Blue C3 12,200
9U Girls White 12,100
12U Boys State 11,284
11U Girls Regional 11,038
13U Boys C1 9,980
16U Boys C2 9,406
11U Girls Cities 7,120
14U Boys C2 6,880
9U Boys White 6,874
16U Boys Premier 2 3,124
12U Girls Cities 3,099
11U Girls State 2,284


Check back every Monday for an update on the standings!

updated 5/11

Lila Lapka 29,238
Makai Lund 26,050
Emery Byers 24,100
McKenna Sinness 20,000
Colbie Mahler 11,300
Ayla Mor 11,200
Cohen Poppen 10,600
Gretchen Rasmussen 10,300
Sydney Burley 6800
Nora Erdman 6,010
Alyse Berres 5,549
Mitchell Dennis 350
Samuel Gens 122


Check back every Monday for an update on the standings!

updated 5/11

Player Touches
Jessica Nigbur 262,687
Otto Sunde 238,600
Jesus Zarazua Isiordia 211,171
Wilfrido Ramirez 109,840
Sayde Lee 99,566
Makayla Lee 98,139
Amalia Lee 98,127
Madhav Nair 84,200
Shayla Haas 72,130
Kailey Smith 70,029
Adriana Krueger 66,100
Avery Berres 61,938
Zach Hall 59,084
Quinn O'Fallon 58,339
Josh Eulberg 57,600
Jake Eulberg 57,500
Maddy Yule 55,000
Austin Cronk 51,652
Christian Lachica 51,500
Calab Erdman 51,050
Gavin Cartwright 50,778
Connor Hutchins 46,390
Peyton Lindahl 44,525
Briarleigh Dahl 44,200
Maliya Kral 41,900