Shakopee Cup Information

We're excited to welcome Players, Families, Sponsors and Volunteers for another year of the Shakopee Cup!

Team Check-in Process

Checkin will be online.

Details to come.

All teams must have a Team Manager or Coach check-in at least 60 minutes before their first game. We recommend you arrive at Tournament Headquarters at least 90 minutes prior to your first game to allow you to go through the check-in process and travel to your field.

Required Documents:

  1. Rosters will be submitted for approval via email. (Or loaded into affinity)
  2. File will be approved and kept.
  3. Guest Player Form (if applicable)
  4. Medical forms for each player (you just need to verify you have them - you do not need to show)
  5. Permission to Travel (Out of State Teams ONLY)

Roster and guest passes will be frozen at time of roster check-in approval.

Printed player rosters with player pictures will need to be brought, reviewed, and signed off on for each game. You will need 1 roster for each potential game, plus 1 additional roster to stay at tournament headquarters. Please bring a phone to be able to log in to Affinity and show your roster online as well. 

You will also be asked for a contact name and number for during the tournament.